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Some of the most Frequently Asked Questions we receive are listed below:

Q.How large does a room need to be to accommodate a pool table?

A.To calculate the minimum size needed add an extra 5 ft (1.5 metres) to the dimensions of your pooltable.

Q.Do pooltables or snooker tables come in metric sizes?

A.No. The Old British standard of feet and inches is traditional. Pooltables and Snooker Tables are only made in this standard measure. There are six sizes available. Six, Seven, Eight, Nine, Ten and Twelve footers. The length of pooltables and snooker tables is always twice the width.

Q.When you recloth a pooltable do you glue the cloth to the slate?

A.No. Reclothing consists of stretching the cloth at the correct tension and attaching it to the edges of the slate either by gluing or stapling depending on the characteristics of the pooltable.

Q.Is green still the most popular color for reclothing pooltables and snooker tables?

A.No. With the multitude of colors available the traditional green has become less popular. The choice of color in todays society is more influenced by the decor of the room or personal tastes.

Q.Is English cloth still the best to use?

A.Yes. English cloth is still the finest and the most expensive cloth to use on your pooltable or snooker table. There are many fine 100% woolen clothes coming out of other parts of the world that also do a quality job at a much more reasonable price.

Q.Can your partyhire pooltables be used upstairs?

A.Yes we can partyhire pooltables upstairs if the staircase is straight without turns.

Q.Do you supply partyhire pooltables to corporate events?

A.Yes. Partyhire pooltables have become popular with corporate events for breaking down social barriers and assisting with team building.


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